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2020 is the year when Nature gave us the Coronavirus, and taught us a lesson on something we always knew: that care is essential. We humans need care at many stages of our lives. How do we arrange care? How do we appreciate key workers? There are many-many questions that need rethinking as we face the pandemic.  

Nurses in hospitals, a single mother raising her children, grandparents who watch their grandchildren while their parents work, livein carers, and carers in an elderly home, volunteers at hospices – ‘care work’ is a broad term which encompasses both formal and informal practices. Some forms of care work are paid, and some are not, yet one thing is for certain: there will always be need for care work, and it is in our best interest to create a system where both the care giver and the care receiver are protected, appreciated, and have their needs met 

The global pandemic highlighted the importance of care work in our society, and we are determined to translate this new wave of appreciation into actual improvements in the sector. Here at Osmosis CareNet we not only provide a platform for care givers and those in need of care to meet each other, but we also want to create a space where we can have important conversationsThese conversations revolve around various questions such whether the current system is sustainable, how can we make sure to protect the interest of all parties, and what reforms are needed to better serve the needs of the community. 

We believe that the care work issue must involve members of all generations. As such, we encourage intergenerational conversation and collaboration to find solutions to these questions. Together we hope to work towards a system that is based on respect, where quality care is accessible to everyone who needs it, where care work is truly valued, and where key workers are protected and fairly compensated for their invaluable contribution to society. 


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