Active, healthy ageing

We are the first generations in European history who at birth can expect to live 80+ years. People in Europe live longer and healthier, stay physically and mentally active longer than ever before. This new longevity affects not only the older generations but as much today’s younger people. The once called age pyramid has transformed into an age column, significantly altering the structure and the dynamics of our society, and accelerating the need for an intergenerational approachToday’s young people will also reap the benefits or bear the burdens of longer lives.  

We now face a unique opportunity to redefine ageing and old age as inspiring and inviting. With these prospects in mind, it’s time to change the narrative, and start to write the story of long, healthy and active life instead of talking about the downside of old age.  

We can’t build a healthy and active long life without taking into consideration all its aspects. We have to reconsider our housing and living conditions, our learning and working habits, our financial plans, our health and potential disabilities, and last but not least our social life.  

Talking about the different aspects of life, technology has certainly become an integrated part of it. From communication to digitally assisted homes and healthcare technology already supports our life tremendously. With the help of the continuously evolving new technologies, we might find digital solutions for some of today’s and tomorrow’s issues.  

Our aim at Osmosis CareNet is to bring together people, communities, organizations and initiatives that want to take part of building this long life healthy, productive, intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding. Osmosis CareNet is a safe space to get together, to share ideas and have insightful conversations. More than that we create and support initiatives, research, and projects to make this future happen.  



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