Earth care

The European Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral in 2050. What does that mean to the people? Or the green movements? What can we, individuals do to achieve sustainable living? 

The EU has made ambitious plans to become the world’s first “climate-neutral bloc” by 2050. It has goals extending to many different sectors, including construction, biodiversity, energy, transport and food. Without a doubt a lot of change is needed if we truly want achieve climate neutrality, and such changes require the contribution of all members of society. 

Sustainable living is something many of us strives towards already, howeverthe transition towards a more sustainable life is not always easy. People are often burdened by their day-to-day responsibilities and feel that they have neither time, nor energy to dedicate to changing their ways. At Osmosis CareNet we recognize the pressing issue that is climate change and we are determined to take part in the solutions, however, we also understand that change is not always easy, especially when one has to make the transition alone. 

When it comes to sustainability, we believe in the power of communityBy being part of a strong communityit is much easier to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle: one can easily find inspiration and support, share and recycle resources, and combine strengths within a communityFor example, one is much more likely to adopt a greener lifestyle if she or he can rely on the community to find locally produced and affordable food, trustworthy sources of second-hand tools and care-related appliances, or reliable providers of local green services. At Osmosis CareNet we put a lot of effort into fostering community building on local, regional, national, and international levels because we think a strong community is essential for protecting the planet. 

We run our own sustainable living project in the Netherlands and we also work alongside organizations who approach other aspects of sustainability, such as alternative ways of food production, energy use, or the future of technology. Members of Osmosis CareNet are encouraged to join workshops and events where they can get acquainted with sustainable lifestyle practices and tailor them to meet their own needs.  


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